Nzomics Biocatalysis offers products, services and expertise to those companies looking to use biocatalysis in a post-genomic era. This presents opportunities for R&D teams to exploit state of the art advances in enzyme production and optimization.

Nzomics Biocatalysis is a supplier of custom-made enzymes for your specific requirements.
Enzymes can also be further optimised via directed evolution.

Nzomics Biocatalysis also currently holds a library of biocatalysts including a range of

  1. Nitrile-manipulating enzymes, i.e. nitrile hydratases (catalyse nitrile to primary amide), nitrilases (catalyse nitrile to carboxylic acid), and amidases (catalyse primary amide to carboxylic acid); and
  2. carbohydrate-active enzymes, i.e. glycoside hydrolase (catalyse polysaccharide to oligosaccharide via hydrolysis), polysaccharide lyase (catalyse polysaccharide to oligosaccharide via beta elimination), and glycosyltransferases (catalyse the transfer of sugar moieties from activated donor molecules to specific acceptor molecules).

Nzomics Biocatalysis can also provide specific bioanalytical services such as proteomics, using 2D electrophoresis and nanoflow LC – electrospray mass spectrometry, or isothermal microcalorimetry.

Nzomics Biocatalysis has worked with several large pharmaceutical companies, including AstraZeneca and Almac Sciences, and biotechnology companies including Megazyme International.

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Free Biocatalysis Packs
These small-scale evaluation packs contain small quantities (enough for 5 small test reactions) of each of any three biocatalysts available on the this website and are available to the first 100 respondents.

Please email us at nzomics@northumbria.ac.uk to request your free enzymes.

R&D Highlights
Listen to our “Biocatalysis in the Post-Genomic Era” webinar presentation for Bioscience for Business Knowledge Transfer Network (BfBKTN).

To do so join the BfBKTN (www.biosciencektn.com) and install the free conferencing software (Interwise) from the “Conference Centre” link.

The webinar can then be viewed via the “Conference Centre” link.
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Enzyme Order Form
We have produced an automated order form which can be downloaded and completed.

The enzyme order form can simply then be e-mailed back to us at:


To download the enzyme order form select the link below.

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